Translating literally to 'as you wish', the name Ruyi derives from a Chinese heirloom symbolising power and good fortune.

A union of beautifully presented Chinese food, an impressive wine list, exceptional design and modern restaurant culture.

Working closely with renowned design studio, Hecker Guthrie and artisanal suppliers, Ruyi is a combination of premium food, wine and atmosphere. The interior palate is a very specific nod to traditional Chinese crimson and jade colours, in a modern context with its oxblood and sage tones.

Designer Paul Hecker was mindful of the Ruyi’s physical location and its proximity to other restaurants serving Chinese cuisine, so the fit out needed to have a sense of simplicity and earthiness to compliment this. We didn’t want the design to scream China; instead we wanted to subtly hint at the distinctly Asian influence,” says Hecker.